DC MAP is continuing to provide education through our monthly E-nugget emails to enrolled providers. Please check back regularly to see updated nuggets for each month or subscribe to our newsletter.

2021 Nuggets:

During the first year, DC MAP provided a webinar or released a brief e-newsletter on a mental health related topic. In 2017, we moved from the bimonthly, 4-page newsletter to briefer, biweekly email blasts that provide educational content with links to further resources. Below is an archive of past E-nuggets to help increase provider awareness of DC MAP and provide brief education on a variety of topics. Each nugget provides background information about the topic, challenges and tips for handing the particular disorder or concern, and additional resources that might be useful to the provider such as training, readings, and screening tools.

2020 Nuggets:

2019 Nuggets:

2018 Nuggets:

2017 Nuggets:

2016 Newsletters

  • July 2016Assessing Hallucinations, Helping to Manage Patients with Psychosis, DC MAP information and enrollment
  • April 2016 – Assessing Suicidality, Assessing and Treating Depression in Pediatric Primary Care
  • February 2016 – Spotlight on Separation Anxiety, Screens for Separation Anxiety, Interventions/treatment for Separation Anxiety, Separation Anxiety in the Research World, Separation Anxiety Resources

2015 Newsletters

  • August 2015 – Spotlight on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD in the Classroom, Why can’t I make friends? Social Skills and ADHD, ADHD in the Re-search World, Books/Workbooks on ADHD
  • October 2015 – Steps for parents to secure school-based services for children with learning problems, Early Childhood Referrals