Community resource referrals and face-to-face consultations as clinically indicated

  • referral-consultationsIn most cases, telephone consultation will be sufficient to answer primary care providers’ questions. Moreover, a goal of DC MAP is to link families with needed resources within primary care or the community in as timely a manner as possible.
  • However, in certain circumstances, the DC MAP team may determine that additional, time-limited support from the team is required. Examples of calls that may be eligible for this follow-up include:
    • Help determine level of care and type of intervention or if it is unclear what the best course of action would be (e.g., a child is discharged from inpatient without clear/reasonable plan; child has mental health appointment scheduled but it is unclear whether they need to be seen sooner);
    • Clarify diagnostic uncertainty;
    • Child can be or is being managed in primary care, but would like consultation from someone who has seen the child (e.g., PCP trialed several ADHD meds but wants more input to determine if should make other med changes or if other types of intervention are needed)
    • Family requires more support to connect with services
  • Decisions about appropriate follow up actions will be made by the DC MAP clinical team.
  • PCPs will be provided with relevant information about any DC MAP-family face-to-face meetings within 1 week of the MAP team’s face-to-face contact with the family.